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Hilsonic is one of the leading British manufacturers of ultrasonic cleaning equipment, and ultrasonic cleaners supplying industry both in UK throughout Europe. We are proud to celebrate over 25 years experience in the  design and manufacture of ultrasonic cleaning equipment. Our ultrasonic cleaners range include industrial, medical and commercial cleaning applications that consist of ultrasonic baths and ultrasonic parts washers.

Ultrasound is used widely throughout industry for removing problem contamination from all forms of hard surfaces, such as metals, plastics and ceramics. Its unique properties can be harnessed to clean items of all shapes, sizes and technical complexity, penetrating holes and cavities that are impossible to reach using ordinary cleaning methods.

The principle of the ultrasonic cleaning process is as follows. Piezo electric transducers are attached to the cleaning tank. They generate ultrasound waves that vibrate the cleaning fluid at very high velocity, creating a process called cavitation. Millions of tiny bubbles implode within the solution and penetrate into every orifice of the item being cleaned, removing dirt and grime within seconds.

Hilsonic's ultrasonic cleaner products are unique in their design and construction, and have been developed for superior performance and long life. As well as being a producer of primary ultrasonic cleaning equipment, Hilsonic is also an original equipment manufacturer, supplying high quality ultrasonic components and assemblies to install in various forms of industrial plant for on and off line cleaning.

That is why we are known as:

"The Engineer's Choice"

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Latest News:

Why use ultrasound?
Ultrasound is used widely throughout industry for removing problem contamination from all kinds of hard surfaces.
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Hilsonic add a new range of Ultrasonic cleaners.
Suited for the Ultrasonic Cleaning of Heat Exchangers and Intercoolers.
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New Additions for the Economy Range.
Due to the popularity of the Economy range Hilsonic have added two new models to this range.
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New Range of Ultrasonic Cleaners.
Hilsonic launch a new range of compact economy Ultrasonic cleaners available from the  1st May 2013.
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