Vapour de-greasing units

Hilsonic Vapour Degreasing Units are supplied in a range of 8 standard sizes, and are designed for cleaning problems where either a wet system is not suitable or it needs to be combined with a solvent vapour for the best results.

The system uses boiling solvent in a liquid or vapour state for the degreasing of engineered components. The process is further enhanced by the introduction of ultrasound.

Condenser coils, located near the top of the tank, convert the rising vapour back to liquid for efficient recycling of the cleaning chemical.

The solvent can be heated using electricity, steam or high-pressure hot water. The comprehensive insulation surrounding each tank helps to maintain the operating temperature and minimise the power consumption.

Available both with and without ultrasonic assistance, Hilsonic vapour degreasing units are suitable for use with all normal solvents, including 1.1.1 trichloroethane.